Tom Dixon Studio has been characterised from its earliest beginnings by a fascination for manufacturing, investigations into craft and heavy industry have led to experiments in precision digitalised machinery. Now that we have moved into our epic new headquarters at Kings Cross, we felt an urgent desire to start making stuff again ourselves. We have dedicated a space to create a perfectly formed production unit which will serve as a pre-production small batch manufacturing workshop where ideas can be tested out, prototypes created and a direct conversation between manufacturer and customer can take place. The Factory is not hidden deep in the recesses of the building but is prominent at the Entrance to our shop.
The Factory has been conceived to encourage you to participate in the joys of construction, fabrication and assembly whilst gaining new skills and making more personal and local objects. With a rolling program of productions, it will be set up and then reconfigured variously as a pickling and bottling plant, a ceramics workshop and an electronics assembly line amongst others. The factory will be set up to work on and experiment with a series of ideas and forms, with the in-house team working on the next generation products which will result in a limited batches produced solely at the Factory with opportunities for you to be involved in the process